The Story

Mohd Huzairy is a primary school teacher from Malaysia. Born in Penang, and currently resides in Tanjung Sedili with his lovely wife and daugther. In his free time, he runs MentariWorks; a tiny web consultancy company. His normal online routines: tweeting as @mohdhuzairy, occasionally push his codes on GitHub, shares exciting things on InfoMalaya, and looking for inspiration in FFFFOUND!.

Projects & Achievements

What Mohd Huzairy has designed, achieved, and collaborated earlier in his life, not inluding freelance works. Truth to be told, he did failed a lot, and learned a lot too.

2014, The “What the heck I'm going to do this year?” year

  • Obviously, this will become visible by next year for no other reason.

2013, The “I'm getting married and I know it” year

2012, The “Everything shall be curated” year

  • Curaqion » A monthly curated magazine of high quality threads on Quora.
  • ShortGIG » A place for short-term project owners to find suitable freelancers. (defunct)
  • Hackeries » A simple way to read what matters on Hacker News and Hacker Monthly. (defunct)
  • KDNP.Me » New job seeking website for workers.
  • Mangrid » Web template based on manuscript grid.

2011, The “Diving into startup world and die” year

  • Hybrid Dashboard » Experimental interface for Faces.My backend.
  • Faces.My » Platform for freelancers. (defunct)
  • Lokal.My » Simple classified website. (defunct)
  • MentariPanel » Experimental interface for blog management. (defunct)
  • WhiteBeans Mk.II » WhiteBeans successor, but only available as HTML/CSS template.
  • Taurus » Unfinished template for 12 Designs Project.
  • Aries » WordPress themes for 12 Designs Project.
  • 12 Designs Project » Limited Edition WordPress theme shop. (defunct)

2010, The “Build and distribute as much as you can open source web template” year

  • MentariDoc » Web template for wiki/documentation.
  • Booklogue » Web template for book listings built with jQuery Masonry.
  • Monorial » Web template for blogs.
  • The Arialist » A simple HTML/CSS template using 100% Arial fonts.
  • MW Media » Registered company for MentariWorks.
  • Hasnah Bakery » Small food industries based in Penang, Malaysia.

2009, The “Fame and glamorous” year

  • SembangLebat » Geek/non-geek meetup. Bring your books to swap with others.
  • Extreme Georgia » Won 2nd place in Smashing Magazine Typographic Layout Contest.
  • MentariCSS » CSS framework with simplicity in mind. (defunct)
  • FeedMalaya » Successor to Blogtitude, with more social features. (defunct)

2008, The “It's time to create a design company” year

  • MentariWorks » Web design & development company.
  • CSS Malaya » Mailing list group for discussing HTML & CSS. (defunct)
  • WhiteBeans » WordPress theme framework. (defunct)

2007, The “Need to learn everything about HTML, CSS, & WordPress” year

2006, The “Starting out” year

  • InfoMalaya » Formerly a tech blog, but now it is just a personal place for Mohd Huzairy.


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